This program is designed for developers who use dBase tables, know Delphi and SQL and have installed Borland BDE.

Trial version has no limits in 30 days.

Supported 4-char's substrings (replace -> repl, set filter -> set filt ... etc)

All functions are fully compatible with Delphi Pascal.

Don’t use DBase logical expressions like as ".and.", ".not." etc., instead use just "and", "not" etc.

Evaluation order can be made explicit by using brackets.

All logical operations must be separated with brackets
e.g. replace field1 with 1000 for (field2<=1000) and (field3=strtodate(‘01.01.2015’)) while not eof()

Before print, adjust column widths in the grid, and try preview.

Click "AutoFit" to set optimal width for every column.
Click "Save Grid" to save grids view.

Use "Restore last session" to continue work from yesterday.
All commands, tables and folders will be reloaded.

Old Dbase function "round" has been replaced with "tround"
e.g. tround(123.567,2)=123.57

Eof() and Bof() brackets are allowed only because of unrecoverable nostalgia.
Red colored functions are under construction.


Supported functions :



















































set filter






[set][filt][to] expression


click on "Filter" green led to switch off filter


set delete




[set][delete][off] to view deleted records




[index] open form to manipulate with indexes


[index][off] cancel index


or click "Index setting" button


click on "Index" green led to switch off index




[set][range] open input form to set range


[set][range][to] cancel range


[set][range][off] cancel range


or click "Range setting" button


click on "Range" green led to switch off range


set relation


[set][relation][on]fieldname[into]tablename, indexname (no quotes in indexname!)


[set][relation][on] cancel relation




[findkey] indexed value


[findnearest]indexed value




[continue] locate for next located expression


or click "Continue" button




[sum] display sum for selected numeric fields


[sum][all] display sum for all numeric fields


[sum][all][for]condition display sum for all numeric fields for condition


























open SQL designer






[append] or click Append button


[edit] or click Edit button


[excel] or click Excel button


[pack] or click Pack button


[zap] or click Zap button


[print] or click Print button


[fields] or click Fields button to open fields designer form


[export][to]myfile,delimiter char export to ".csv" file


[import][from]myfile,delimiter char import from ".csv" file

  [set][format]numformat numeric fields display format  

[create] newdbasetable






[convert][437to852] conversion old cp 437 to 852 for opened table


[convert](all)[437to852] conversion old cp 437 to 852 for all tables into folder


[?]expression returns expression result


[?]range returns range definition


[?]index returns active index expression










[skip] n records


[quit] close application


change two records positions (select two record and press "Change row" button)

move record to another position (right click and drag it on another position). Confirm with Ctrl+mouse click



not supported Delphi functions (old Dbase functions)

  (not supported in sql section!)  

ctod strtodate


dtoc datetostr


month month of date


year year of date


at pos(substr,string)


val(string) strtofloat(string)


str(float) floattostr(float)


other functions


UpperFirstLetter capitalize first letter of any word into string


Reverse reverse all letters into string


ReverseWords reverse all words into string


tround(x,y) round float x to y decimals


texp(x,y) x exp y (x float, y integer)


factorial(x) x (integer) >=0


fnpi 3.1415926535897932384626433


fne = exp(1) 2.718281828459045


Write your own functions library. Just create function and add it into file functions.pas

and special appendix


Write your own program in Delphi pascal click "Delphi prog." button


Join more commands and execute them click "Multilines" button


This file, named Help.rtf, is not read only. Add your own functions and describe them.
Share your functions and suggestions with other users on

For all other informations, or new versions, click on or



Flexibly Edit Function
Flexibly Edit Function
Graphics Creating Query
Graphics Creating Query
Help Included
Help Included
Infos And Mathematical Expressions Executing
Infos And Mathematical Expressions Executing

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